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Alembika Striped Jacket With Belt Black J937

$330.00 $82.50

Tekbika by Alembika

Long-sleeve open black jacket with pinstripes and a belt around the waist; wide side pockets; jacket comes down to the mid-thigh. This stylish jacket is perfect for the office! Pair with wide-leg slacks, silver jewelr

K600K600b Out Of Stock

Alembika Velvet Skirt Black K600

$165.00 $41.25

Full-length, black, A-line,  velvet-like skirt with detailed seamwork in the front; features side pockets and is slightly longer in the back;  back hem is rounded. Pair this tank with a colorful top, a great black jacket, and black flats for an


Alice and Trixie Steffi Dress Multi 561470

$326.00 $32.60

Longsleeve, knee-length dress in a multicolored floral pattern; the neck is stretchy so that it can be pulled off the shoulders; a drawstring cinches the waist; features two gold buttons at the neckline and on the fitted cuffs, and side pockets. Pair this

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Alison Sheri Cardigan Coat-Plaid A32150


Alison Sheri open front cardigan coat in a grey and black Burberry-like print.

50% Viscose 28% Acrylic 22% Nylon

Hand wash cold inside oput. Dry flat.

Made in Canada.


Alison Sheri-Cape Wrap-Grey A32158

$130.00 $65.00

Alison Sheri Grey turtle neck convertable cape. Can be worn hanging normally or you may choose to wrap the long front layers around neck for a more of a wrapped look.

50% Viscose 50% Nylon.

Hand wash cold inside out. Dry flat.

Made in Canada.

5809LNLGC5809LNLGCc Out Of Stock

Anorak Nylon Coat Gray/Black 5809LNLGC


Classic charcoal grey rainicoat with a round collar; zips and buttons up; two zippable side pockets; buttons and zippers are silver; coat stops just above the knee. This amazing water-resistant coat is perfect for any look on a rainy day! Don’t f

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Aratta Destination Top Navy Stripe ED18A315B

$115.00 $57.50

Long henley style thin navy horizonal striped ivory top with gorgeous floral embroidered 6 button knit sleeve cuffs.  The top part of the back of the top is white lace and there are small side slits.  A great top to wear with jeans or leggings.

ED17GH36AED17GH36Ab Out Of Stock

Aratta Girls Rule Tee Shirt Washed Black ED17GH36A

$75.00 $18.75

This short sleeved scooped neck tee from Aratta has a brownish wash with beaded rosette appliques on each shoulder and bottom left. This casual tee is great with denim or shorts for a day off.

50% Cotton, 50% Linen

Hand Wash Cold

Aratta Making Perfect Shirt White E18B35


Apretty grided mesh ivory blouse with pink floral collar and the same floral back with a sheer layer over it that has beautiful embroidered mauve flamingos on it.  The back is longer than the front and the sleeves have the option to roll up with a fl