Alice and Trixie

Alice and Trixie was founded in 1997 by Angela Taylor George. Angela quickly shot to the top of the industry as a designer after a long career as a buyer for New York’s top boutiques. She playfully named her line after the stars of the 1950s hit The Honeymooners, as her clothing showcases fun, retro-bright colors and sillouetettes. Angela continues to be inspired bya modern-vintage vibe and has created clothing that is perfect for the classically styled fashionista looking for a modern twist in color!

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Alice and Trixie Steffi Dress Multi 561470

$326.00 $32.60

Longsleeve, knee-length dress in a multicolored floral pattern; the neck is stretchy so that it can be pulled off the shoulders; a drawstring cinches the waist; features two gold buttons at the neckline and on the fitted cuffs, and side pockets.