Lauren Grossman, designer-owner of PLANET presents a creative collection of women’s apparel which uses the finest natural fabrics. Lauren works with Irish handerkerchief linen, Pima cotton, washed silk and washed silk organza. The palette consists of soft hues of natural elements, such as sea, fog, putty and lots of white on white. The silhouettes are soft and flowing. The shapes are Japanese inspired which are loose and away from the body. Together the fabrics and the body styles enhance everyone’s figure. This line of clothing is size-less, season-less, and age-less. Comfort along with style is synonymous with PLANET.

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Planet By Lauren G Silky Ribbed Black Cardigan- 888KV

$285.00 $142.50

This is our new favorite v-neck cardi! It is made from silky black sweater material, has two front pockets, layered sleeves, and the pleated backside is longer than the frontside.

90% Viscose, 10% Nylon

Hand wash with cold water

Made in Per

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Planet Mod Pea Coat 5330N

$315.00 $157.50

This modern jacket is one of our favorites! Black nylon coat with an oversized pocket, snap front, stand up wire collar, and it has adjustable clinching.

100% Nylon

Hand Wash

Made in U.S.A.