Yoana’s dresses, pants, jackets and topsfita women’sbody beautifully looking delicate and feminine, trendy yet timeless, sensual and gorgeous. Women love to wear the fashion designs of Yoana Baraschi. She has the most beautiful color combinations using hand loomed textiles,stunning fabrics,vintage embroidery techniques, and impecable craftmanship.She isfamous for herdresses, suits, and blouses. Wearing Yoana’s designs makes women feel powerful, feminine and beautiful. Yoana Baraschi was born in Bucharest, Romania, Yoana Baraschi was raised in a family of artists, rich in culture and style. After coming to the United States in 1983, she began an impressive career with many designers including Betsey Johnson, Guess, Valentino Footwear etc. In 2002, she decided to launch her own company with a collection formed from her strong sense of color and love for traditional artisanal techniques.

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