Allie June


    In 1998, custom handbag and accessory design became Allie June's passion. By day, she dedicated herself to teaching, but after, she immersed herself in the art of sewing. For years, she showcased her handmade small-batch bags online, mainly catering to boutiques with unique collections.

    Allie June's custom handbags and accessories showcase a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and creativity. Since the inception of her artistic journey in 1998, she has meticulously designed each piece, infusing it with a distinct touch that reflects her passion for vibrant aesthetics. From intricately crafted handbags to thoughtfully designed accessories, Allie's creations resonate with a unique charm. Drawing inspiration from her love for color, Allie infuses her creations with a lively palette that captures attention and sparks joy. The result is a collection that not only complements various styles but also stands out as a statement of individuality.

    With a commitment to sharing joy and creating connections, her designs are not just accessories; they are an embodiment of a vibrant and enduring passion for all things beautiful.

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