Caballero Collection


    Caballero Collection began in the shadow of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa by 2 sisters, Carla and Lucia Caballero. Carla with her background in Couture Design and being a Design Director for larger US brands and Lucia’s extensive experience in high end interior design working as an expert in custom textiles and fabrics, they teamed up to create a clothing brand that channels the scenic beauty, arts and culture that is unique to their part of the world. As is evident in Caballero's exclusive prints and playful silhouette’s, telling the story of Africa and all her wonders…Every print in the collection has a story they want to share with you.

     As a brand with deep roots in Africa, they donate a percentage of all their sales to the Nelson Mandela foundation, as they strive to empower and uplift those in most need.

    Each piece from the Caballero Collection is meticulously constructed using high-end couture finishes. They use sustainably sourced fabrics and manufacturing techniques to the highest industry standards, using socially compliant factories with equitable pay for all.