Little Journeys


    Little Journeys is a women-owned business located in Chicago, Illinois. They are not only creating unique products but also contributing to the well-being of rural women in Peru through a women's cooperative. Your commitment to providing job opportunities and a source of income to those with limited opportunities is making a positive impact on both the individuals and their families. The ripple effect of their mission goes beyond the workplace, as it plays a vital role in preventing the disruption of families and allows children to grow up in a more stable environment.

    Little Journeys collects Quechua and Aymara ceremonial weavings to design a range of products that span sweaters, hats, bags, and more, and provides a fascinating exploration of diverse textile traditions. Their appreciation for the artistry and ingenuity of crafting textiles is shown through the pieces the company creates. They collaborate with artisans from Peru, Bolivia, and India to reflect their unique artistry and traditions. Incorporating various languages, histories, and artistic influences into their collections not only makes for unique and aesthetically pleasing products but also helps preserve and promote the heritage of these talented artisans.

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