Principle Denim

    Principal Denim is the staff and customers' favorite premium denim company at Inspire Me. They have 30 years of high-end development, design, and manufacturing experience in the denim industry. In 2015, the company decided to take a chance by being true to itself. Their mission became to bring exceptional fits and styles of the highest quality materials back to the premium denim market at a great price. They accomplished their goal by searching the world for the most luxurious, authentic, and exceptional denim and bringing them to the Downtown Los Angeles studios. As Principal Denim has become more and more aware of the ways manufacturing impacts the planet, they have worked hard to enact sustainable, environmentally friendly production practices. The design team strives to select fabrics that reduce pesticide usage, manage water better, improve soil health, and protect the welfare of cotton growers and workers. This is all done while still creating specially developed washes and modern fits to exquisite perfection.
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