Salt + Umber


    SALT+UMBER is a unique and environmentally conscious footwear brand founded by a female designer and entrepreneur based in New York. This brand was born out of a decade-long experience in the mass-market footwear industry, during which she witnessed the negative impact of shoe manufacturing on the environment and the unethical practices prevalent in the industry. Fueled by a desire for change, she embarked on a new path with a vision to create stylish, sustainable, and ethical footwear. This approach resonates with consumers who prioritize both style and conscious consumerism.

    Every piece in the SALT+UMBER collection is handcrafted. Handmade products carry a sense of quality and uniqueness that sets them apart from mass-produced items.

    The brand opts for small-batch manufacturing processes rather than large-scale production, aligning with its commitment to sustainability. This approach reduces waste and allows for greater attention to detail.

    SALT+UMBER avoids using large machinery in the shoe production process. This reduces energy consumption and further minimizes the environmental impact.

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