Scarlett Poppies


    Linda Augustsson's journey as the Creative Director of Scarlett Poppies showcases a fusion of her Swedish roots and a deep connection with the Indian textile industry. Raised in Sweden, her interest in design and sewing became a lifelong passion, leading her towards a fulfilling career in the fashion world.

    Having spent the last two decades in India, Linda has immersed herself in the rich tapestry of the country's textile industry. Through this venture, Linda has played a crucial role in implementing better practices within the Indian garment industry, positively influencing the lives of numerous workers in the textile sector.

    Linda's design philosophy is a unique blend of Scandinavian shapes and vibrant Indian novelty fabrics, enhanced by exquisite traditional embroidery techniques. This distinctive approach pays homage to the skilled artisans and the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship. Each garment crafted by Scarlett Poppies reflects Linda's love for beautiful, meticulously crafted clothing.

    The brand's ethos revolves around creating timeless pieces that go beyond trends, with a focus on making every woman feel beautiful and comfortable the moment she wears Scarlett Poppies. The collaborative efforts of passionate and skilled tailors and artisans contribute to the realization of Linda's vision, resulting in garments that transcend borders and cultures.